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Name: The Great Conquistador
Occupation: Prognosticator
Age: 31
Location: Oregon, United States
I talk a lot. Too much. Currently a bartender and waiter. Worked previously as a Project Manager for an IT company. Moving to Hong Kong in a few months. Getting a Masters in Business. Married to the lovely little Asian lady in my pictures to the right
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December 29
Write an Essay, get an Explorer

Steph and I have this great car that we bought just a year ago. We really hate to sell it. Especially me. I love it. It is a fully loaded Explorer, Eddie Bauer edition. We got it on one of those "0% loans" so we got leather, CD players, curb feelers, 9 zillion cup holders, the biggun' V8, and even some of the special stuff like a no stain guarantee on the leather.


We have to sell it but know that we'll get hosed on selling a new car just a year after we bought it. So, I want to try something different. If we get 300 people to commit we will give the car away. That’s right GIVE IT AWAY. Well, we really aren’t going to just give it away. We are going to give it to the person with the best essay. I'll come up with the rules this week. You submit an essay; pay us a small stipend for reading it and rating it and the best essay gets the car. Sound good to you guys? We'll make sure its fair.

Here are some of the rules I came up with so far.

Topic: Must be about what you will do with the car the first week of owning it.

Spelling errors automatically forfeit

1000 word max. (Double space, single space whatever, must be less than 1000 words.)

2 weeks to write the essay

No family of Chris or Steph may play

Anyone trying to sway judgment by using friendship ties will forfeit

Judges will include Chris, Steph, and three others picked by all individuals playing. (My vote is for Lars Larson as a judge)

We will need to come up with how the essays will be rated too.

Each contestant will receive a numbered ticket which they will put on the paper as their ID. The winning paper will be announced and the person holding the corresponding number wins the car. (This way it is totally anonymous)

Who’s in?


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December 28
New Year, Old Wife

Year number 9, ladies and gentalfuns!! (anyone who can tell me where gentlalfuns came from gets a free popsicle.) Can you believe it? Stephenie and I met 9 years ago in a little townhome just 3 miles from where we live today. Luckily I was so dashing and handsome that she gave me her number.

Wasnt she a hotty back then?




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